Sunday, March 8, 2009

Food Menus - A brief walkthrough

Hungry? Try an easy restaurant search.

The main food menus screen lets you search for any restaurant around you by letting the application automatically determining your location, or enter any valid zipcode. You can filter your results by distance or Yahoo! rating. Very simple to use!

 many choices! - Check out times, distances and numbers...

All results matching your query are returned and a menu link is available for most restaurants that have a menu online. Simply click the menu button to view the restaurants menu. You can also get the address, phone number and locate the restaurant on a map - all in one screen! Put your 3G to maximum use!

No connection, No Problem!!
Save menus for offline use..

Save up to 5 restaurant menus locally on your iPhone to access whenever you want. Perfect for those with bad connections in high rise buildings or with an iPod touch.

The Menu itself. I told you it was all about the presentation.

See the menu on your phone. Flip across multiple pages, check out prices. Simple enough!

Now that dish was absolutely fantastic. Wish my memory was as good as this application's!

See the last 10 searches at anytime. History always repeats itself!

Food Menus is a simple yet powerful application that gets you the food of your choice, FAST!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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